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Cows / Heifers

We Tired Brook
2014 NWSS Reserve Champion Female

DOB  04/11/2011

Sire:  Schon Boden's Tyson

Dam:  We Tired Janelle *


Notable Lineage:  Dunvegan's Rex Ruadh, Rioghail of Balmoral, Diana of Kiyiwana, Schon Boden's Tiana

Brook summer 20.jpg

CBS Belina

DOB  04/05/2018

Sire: Finley Falls Liam

Dam: We Tired Brook

Notable Lineage:  Skye High Wayward Son, Ben Eniglair of Scone Palace, Sunset Rebel Yell, LEA Vision, We Tired Janelle

CBS Vinnie

DOB  05/19/2019

Sire:  SFF Ruthless Legend

Dam:  CBS Velvet

Notable Lineage:  Sunset Limited Edition, Jock of Glengorm, DH Xanadu, Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley, STR Ruthless Game

Eventide Piper summer 20_2.JPG

Kieran of CGA

DOB  04/03/2021

Sire:  Snowland G. Diesel

Dam:  Caramel of CGA

Notable Lineage:  LEA Denovan Adam, Sherman of Five Star Farm

Jade of Willow Glen

DOB  04/22/2021

Sire:  Gideon of Willow Glen

Dam:  Fairyn of Willow Glen

Notable Lineage:   Uallach Dubh 6th of Pollock P, Beauregard of Willow Glen, Raymond of High Land Ballaugh


CBS Willow

DOB  5/18/2021

Sire:  CBS Duncan's Blitz

Dam:  CBS Wendy's Girl

Notable Lineage:  Finley Falls Duncan, Scott of Craycombe, Trafalgar Victor, Sunset Limited Edition, Jock of Glengorm


Kryptonic of Highland Spice

DOB  04/04/2021

Sire:  STR Keystone

Dam:  Heritage's Demure Little Lady

Notable Lineage:  CBS Yaz's Yukon Jack, Yarnelle Farms Betula, Scott of Craycombe, HSC Rebel's Jack, Maternal Sibling to HS Hibiscus Rose

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