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Highland Cattle
Eventide Ranch specializes in progressive
 breeding of high quality Scottish Highland cattle in an effort to continue advancing this amazingly unique breed.  We focus on functional beef characteristics and structural conformation, with an unrelenting emphasis on docile, easy keeping genetics.  Our cattle excel whether in the pasture or show ring.  Farm visits are always welcome!

We Tired Brook
2014 NWSS Reserve Champion Female

DOB  04/11/2011

Sire:  Schon Boden's Tyson

Dam:  We Tired Janelle *


Notable Lineage:  Dunvegan's Rex Ruadh, Rioghail of Balmoral, Diana of Kiyiwana, Schon Boden's Tiana

Brook summer 20.jpg

CBS Belina

DOB  04/05/2018

Sire: Finley Falls Liam

Dam: We Tired Brook

Notable Lineage:  Skye High Wayward Son, Ben Eniglair of Scone Palace, Sunset Rebel Yell, LEA Vision, We Tired Janelle

CBS Vinnie

DOB  05/19/2019

Sire:  SFF Ruthless Legend

Dam:  CBS Velvet

Notable Lineage:  Sunset Limited Edition, Jock of Glengorm, DH Xanadu, Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley, STR Ruthless Game

Eventide Piper summer 20_2.JPG

Kieran of CGA

DOB  04/03/2021

Sire:  Snowland G. Diesel

Dam:  Caramel of CGA

Notable Lineage:  LEA Denovan Adam, Sherman of Five Star Farm

Jade of Willow Glen

DOB  04/22/2021

Sire:  Gideon of Willow Glen

Dam:  Fairyn of Willow Glen

Notable Lineage:   Uallach Dubh 6th of Pollock P, Beauregard of Willow Glen, Raymond of High Land Ballaugh


CBS Willow

DOB  5/18/2021

Sire:  CBS Duncan's Blitz

Dam:  CBS Wendy's Girl

Notable Lineage:  Finley Falls Duncan, Scott of Craycombe, Trafalgar Victor, Sunset Limited Edition, Jock of Glengorm


Kryptonic of Highland Spice

DOB  04/04/2021

Sire:  STR Keystone

Dam:  Heritage's Demure Little Lady

Notable Lineage:  CBS Yaz's Yukon Jack, Yarnelle Farms Betula, Scott of Craycombe, HSC Rebel's Jack, Maternal Sibling to HS Hibiscus Rose

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